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BEVA Scottish regional Meeting and pre-purchase examinations.

April 29, 2014

This month's theme at the BEVA Scottish regional meeting was equine pre-purchase examinations with a focus on how to avoid common PPE mistakes!  

The meeting was covered by two keynote speakers: Andrew McDiarmid BVM&S Cert ES (Orth) MRCVS from Clyde Vet Group and Malcolm Morley BVSc MRCVS from Stable Close Equine Practice.

The first talk by Malcolm Morley covered the revised pre-purchase examination certificate and a new "guidance notes" that the RCVS approved back in 2011 and how these now reflect current clinical practice and comply with RCVS guidance regarding examinations where the seller is a client of the examining veterinary surgeon. The practical examples of the more common pitfalls experienced before, during and after PPE, and how to manage the associated risks proved to be a popular discussion point!

Andrew McDiarmid went on to discuss the role that diagnostic tools can play within the vetting process. This included additional procedures such endoscopy, ultrasound scans and radiography, and whilst these may not be appropriate for all vettings, they are becoming more widely used. The talk touched on the lack of harmonization of these procedures across the world or indeed Europe and the potential difficulties that can introduce when vetting across borders. It also covered the role of insurance companies and the upward trend for them to request X-rays for animals over a certain value. Past examples were shared on how this can lead to a difference of opinion on the interpretations of scans and radiographs, which can ultimately impact insurance cover. Overall, it highlights that purchasers and sellers need to be aware that X-rays and other imaging techniques have the potential to be as problematic as they are reassuring.

During both talks "Good communication" was the crucial take home message, and by clearly communicating what should be considered reasonable expectations for the buyer, the seller and the vet, it should be possible to avoid the more common mistakes.

This was the first BEVA regional CPD event we sponsored this year and it gave us ample opportunity to talk to the attendees to discuss equine lameness and how Sonivet can play a part in the rehabilitation of fractures, tendon & ligament injuries in horses. We were able to share the key scientific & clinical data on Sonivet cases as well as discuss how easy Sonivet is to hire. Whilst it was a fairly small meeting, it was a thought provoking topic that stimulated a good discussion. In fact we were so impressed by the event, so we are now sponsoring more regional meetings.

If you would like to discuss Sonivet further or arrange a demonstration at your practice, we can be contacted via or call and ask for Helen on 0191 375 9083.  

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