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Bone Repair and Sonivet in cats: A recent case study

June 15, 2014

This post discusses the role of Sonivet in fracture healing in cats and a recent case in an aged cat with a cumminated fracture to the distal third of the humerus, following a road traffic accident.

The healing time for fractures in cats varies depending on aspects such as the age, general health, the bone involved, the severity of the fracture injury, the degree of surrounding soft tissue damage and type of fixation. This article discusses how Sonivet can be used to accelerate the healing of fresh, delayed and non-union fractures and promote a faster return to normal activity.  

Sonivet uses Low intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS) for fracture healing in small animals. LIPUS has been in common use in human medicine worldwide for around 20 years and was first introduced to the UK in 2001. Sonivet is a non invasive device that is held over the injury site for 20 minutes a day. One of its advantages in fractures is that Sonivet can be used following surgical intervention as its effect on healing is not compromised by the presence of wires, or other fixations. In this case study, Sonivet was used to promote fracture repair in a cat that suffered a cumminuted fracture to the humerus following a road traffic accident. This case had previous surgery and had an IM pin and external fixator.

Species/breed: Aged cat

Injury: A cumminuted fracture to the distal third of the humerus following a presumed road traffic accident.

Clinical History: A moderately aged cat with reduced healing ability. The fracture had been reduced and fixed with IM pin tied into 4 pin laterally positioned. External fixators were used.

Previous treatment received:Meloxicam analgesia, fracture reduced and fixed with IM pin, Tied into 4 pin laterally positioned external fixator.

LIPUS protocol: 20 minutes /day for 21 days. The device was applied 14 days after fracture repaired. Rested and restricted to one room in the house

Outcome: Sonivet was tolerated very well. The client reported the device was easy to use. Despite concernsabout the injuries, there was rapid and uneventful bone healing. The fixator was removed 5 weeks post surgery. The IM nail remained in situ. The fracture healed and the cat has progressed well.

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