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New Article: Equine tendons, SDFT injury and Sonivet

July 2, 2014

We are delighted with our latest article on equine tendon injuries in the July edition of Veterinary Practice Magazine. 

The article discusses tendon biology and equine tendon injuries with comments by Ricky Farr (Wendover Heights Equine Veterinary Practice) on an SDFT injury in gelding treated using Sonivet.

Tendon injuries, including the superficial digital flexor tendon, are unfortunately a common injury seen in horses and the healing time varies depending on aspects such as the age, general health, the tendon involved and the severity of the injury. The article notes that whilst some injuries occur due to trauma, sometimes problems often lie in gradual tendonitis going unnoticed, when early action could prevent further deterioration. The classic symptoms include:

  • Heat & swelling
  • Lameness - although some horses will remain sound
  • Pain under palpation
  • Swollen tendon sheath

Ultrasound scanning after initial diagnosis will reveal the extent of tendon damage and fibre disruption which will dictate the initial treatment options. The article outlines details about a relatively new technology to the veterinary field, Low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS). 

Sonivet is a device that delivers (LIPUS) to accelerate healing of tendons in horses.  The LIPUS signals travel through skin into soft tissue to stimulate a clear biological response at the cellular level. It shortens the inflammatory period, enhances vascularisation, promotes collagen synthesis and remodelling and overall promotes quality repair.

The case study in the article used LIPUS on an SDFT injury in a 6 year old gelding that sustained the injury during riding. It outlines the successful use of Sonivet on this injury, reaching a reached a 1/10th lameness in a much shorter period than predicted to the satisfaction of all concerned. The horse is now able to work at a level far more advanced than would be expected with conservative treatment. For full details click here to  the article:

We would like offer our thanks to Rick Farr from Wendover Heights Veterinary Centre-Equine, Bucks for his assistance and contribution to this article.

Sonvet is available through a veterinary surgeon or suitably qualified person, please ask your vet for further details. For vets, if you would like to hire a Sonivet on a daily rate please contact us by email or call us on 0191 375 9083 You can also find more information about Sonivet on YouTube and can follow new case studies via Twitter @Sonivetuk

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