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Clinical case study: Sonivet accelerates healing of an equine SDFT lesion

September 5, 2014

Tendon injuries in Horses: This case study reviews a recent Superficial Digital flexor tendon injury and demonstrates how Sonivet can successfully promote the healing of equine tendon injuries.

A 14 year old thoroughbred gelding sustained an obvious tendon injury; with an initial presentation of 5/10th lameness on the left forelimb in walk and trot, with moderate pain on palpation over the proximal cannon.

Ultrasound imaging revealed significant damage to the left fore superficial flexor tendon just distal to the carpus with two distinct lesions. Distal to the accessory carpal bone it was possible to observe a significant lack of normal architecture with diffuse areas of hypoechogenicity, consistent with fluid between the tendon fibres.

Aggressive cold treatment and supportive therapy was begun with a three week course of meloxicam. Sonivet treatment began 3 days post injury, once daily for 20 minutes over 3 weeks with continuing box rest.
Further ultrasonographic images after three weeks revealed little change however the horse was clinically very comfortable. After this period the NSAID was changed to suxibuzone once daily.

Re-examination at 15 weeks showed significant ultrasonographic changes, with a clearly observable decrease in cross section. The horse was sound in walk and able to trot in a straight line and was being ridden in walk only three and a half months post injury. There was no pain on palpation.

Final examination at 20 weeks despite an overall increase in cross sectional area, there was uniformity to the echogenicity within the tendon compared to the right fore, indicative of structural soundness.

SDFT Scans

The horse is now able to work at a level far more advanced than would be expected with conservative treatment achieving thirty minutes ridden walk and ten to fifteen minutes at trot. In five months the horse had reached a 1/10th lameness to the satisfaction of all concerned. 

SDFT tendon

SONIVET has also been used on other SDFT cases e.g. a previous SDFT tear case where the tendon had received a significant injury resulting in a large degree of structural disruption, the horse responded well to Sonivet therapy and returned to work in 3 months rather than 6.

Many thanks to Ricky Farr from Wendover Heights Equine, Bucks for his assistance with this case study

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