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Curar co-sponsors the BEVA North East Regional Meeting

October 12, 2014

Curar were pleased to attend the BEVA North East regional meeting this year, on October 11th at Thirsk Racecourse.  

This month's BEVA NE regional meeting focused on the methods of diagnosing and treating wobblers syndrome in horses.  The topic was covered by two keynote speakers: Jonathan Anderson  BVM&S DipACVS MRCVS from Rainbow Equine Hospital and David Lloyd BVMS CertES(Orth) DECVS MRCVSBVSc MRCVS from Liphook Equine Hospital

The first talk by Jonathan discussed the clinical manifestations and diagnosis of wobbler's syndrome. He started the lecture with a brief overview of the anatomy involved and highlighted that a definitive cause for this condition remain elusive, although several factors have been implicated including nutrition, trauma, instability, arthritis, rapid growth and genetics. He then went on to discuss how the symptoms can vary from an owner reporting that "something's not quite right" to more obvious defects. Using videos from case studies he showed how initial physical assessments can identify any proprioceptiveness deficit, or a lack of physical awareness of the limbs and their placement, followed by radiographs which can help pinpoint the location and cause of signs.  Other techniques, such as a myelogram can also be helpful in diagnosis, although it may carry a certain risk which needs to be considered.

David Lloyd went on to providing an overview of treatment options including drug therapy, surgical management. He reviewed several different surgical techniques and how these have evolved over time, from the initial studies using a  bone dowel to the implantation of a stainless steel cylinder with bone graft, the "bagby basket"  used in the 80's, moving now to  an open-ended threaded, stainless steel cylinder, the kerf cut cyclinder (KCC).  As well as surgical options, question were asked about the role of nutrition and a study from the US was also discussed that had successfully treated Wobblers syndrome by reducing nutrient intake and limiting exercise was discussed.

The evening had been organised by Phil Dyson BVMS CertEM(IntMed) CertES(Orth) PhD MRCVS from Cleveland Veterinary Practice and was very well attended and it was a thought provoking topic that stimulated a good discussion. Overall, the take home message from the evening was that if a "wobbler" has been diagnosed, then "all is not lost" and that treatments are available with reasonable success rates.

This was the second BEVA regional CPD event that we have sponsored this year and it gave us ample opportunity to talk to the attendees to discuss equine lameness and how Sonivet can play a part in the rehabilitation of fractures, tendon & ligament injuries in horses. We were able to share the key scientific & clinical data on Sonivet cases as well as discuss how easy Sonivet is to hire on a daily rate.

If you would like to discuss Sonivet further or arrange a demonstration at your practice, please can be contacted via or call 0191 375 9083.  

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