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Developmental Orthopaedic Disease was the Topic of Discussion at the Autumn BVOA Meeting.

October 30, 2014

The British Veterinary Orthopaedic Association Autumn weekend meeting was held at the Brighton Hilton on 24-26th October and attracted speakers from around the world. The meeting topic this year was "Developmental orthopaedic disease" which covered many different indications and approaches of veterinary medicine.  

After an eventful Friday morning involving a fire alarm and the evacuation of the hotel, the meeting started in the afternoon with talks and discussions about the management of juvenile hip dysplasia and non - unions from Aldo Vezzoni (Italy), John Innes (Chestergates, UK) and Randy Boudrieau (USA) respectively.  

Saturday's lectures resumed with a discussions on alternative surgical approaches for shoulder OC (Aldo Vezzoni) and a review of OCD that covered the traditional surgical approaches and newer approaches using advances in tissue - engineered constructs,  such osteochondral autograft transplants and the use of synthetic plugs (Richard Whitelock (Davies Veterinary Specialists, UK). After the break, Steve Butterworth (Weighbridge Referrals, UK) presented a review of the current treatment options for patellar luxation, evaluating "conventional surgery" and more recent developments in surgical techniques and prosthetic implants. As with many new approaches, we must await the result of future studies to establish if these represent improvements that reduce the incidence of re-luxation or stifle OA. Lectures continued after lunch and a chance to investigate the exhibitors stands. John Innes spoke about the role of genetics in developmental orthopaedic disease, focusing on hip and elbow dysplasia using SNP arrays.

On Sunday the speakers focused primarily on elbow dysplasia, with a review and discussion about the use of PAUL for the management of elbow dysplasia from Richard Whitelock and Aldo Vezzoni and an evidence - based review of current techniques from Martin Owen (Dick White Referrals, UK). The meeting closed with the final talk discussing stress fractures vs fractures relating to developmental problems and whether management should be different. However within insufficient evidence in many key areas, the question remains unresolved.

We provided technical support for our new distributor VETisco during the conference as they prepare to launch Sonivet as part of their new orthopaedic range. The conference gave VETisco an opportunity to talk to the attendees & discuss fractures and discuss how Sonivet can play a part in the rehabilitation of fractures, tendon & ligament injuries. They were able to share the key scientific & clinical data on Sonivet cases as well as discuss how easy Sonivet is to hire on a daily rate.

If you would like to discuss Sonivet further, arrange a CPD session or a demonstration at your practice, please contact us on: or call 0191 375 9083 or for small animal sales please contact VETisco at or on 0800 756 9437

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