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Sonivet Success at the London Vet Show Exhibition 2014

December 10, 2014

Many thanks to everyone that came to visit us on our stand at the London Vet Show this year.

Exhibiting at the London Vet Show always provides a good opportunity to meet and talk with vets from equine and small animal practices to discuss the types of orthopaedic injuries they see and how Sonivet could help with tendon, ligament and fracture injuries in pets and horses

The programme this year was even more diverse than last year, covering up to date topics in a variety of different species. We were lucky enough to be located outside the new RVC equine theatre as rather predictably our focus was on equine tendon and ligament injuries this year. The lectures started on Thursday morning with a talk from Dr Renate Weller from RVC, who discussed her top tips for improving radiographic images, which was followed by Andy Fiske Jackson, RVC, who discussed lameness and a more scientific and clinical approach to diagnosis. 

The next session, sponsored by "Sonivet from Curar", was a workshop that that focused on "Single limb lameness." Rather than a series of talks, this session presented various case studies which were introduced by the panel speakers and the delegates were encouraged to participate. The panel speakers were Roger Smith & Andy Fiske Jackson from the RVC, Philip Ivens from Buckingham Equine Vets Ltd & Ricky Farr, from Wendover Heights Equine. This proved to be a popular way to introduce different indications, common pitfalls in diagnosis, potential complications and different treatment regimes.  The day concluded with another workshop discussing multiple-limb lameness.

On Friday, The RVC equine theatre discussed dental disease with talks from Satia Barakzai, Chine House Veterinary Hospital, Thomas Witte, RVC. The day included one more orthopaedic session on advanced imaging: getting more out of your orthopaedic referrals, from Philip Ivens (Buckingham Equine Vets), Andrew Carwford (Arundel Equine Hospital) and Tim Mair (Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic).

Whilst we were located in the equine sector we saw a significant number of small animal vets and we managed to attend a couple of orthopaedic small animal talks.  Of interest to us was the talk from Prof. Stuart Carmicheal (Fitzpatrick Referrals) on patellar luxation in dogs, as we have excellent feedback from clients about using Sonivet to help as part of the management of patellar luxation. Another sessions from Karen Parry, who gave a couple of talks on "the Lame" cat, discussing the causes, consequences and diagnosis as well as then going onto discuss the surgical vs. non surgical options.  Again, this was of interest as Sonivet has a good track in cases of cruciate rupture, patellar luxation (either as part of a conservative approach, or post surgery).

Sonivet generates low intensity pulsed ultrasound signals and is a non invasive treatment. Low intensity pulsed ultrasound signals been proven to accelerate fresh, delayed and non union fractures, ensuring pets have a faster return to normal activity, while also reducing re-injury rates. There is extensive clinical evidence to support its use and it has been shown to help with rehabilitation through being applied to the injury for 20 minutes each day.

We enjoyed the show, we hope you did too and we look forward to seeing you there next year!

Sonivet is available through a veterinary surgeon or suitably qualified person, please ask your vet for further details. For vets, if you would like to book a demonstration please contact us by email or call us on 0191 375 9083

You can also find us on twitter  @SONIVETUK and YouTube

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