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2015 BEVA regional meetings

June 30, 2015

Curar are pleased to announce that they are sponsoring the BEVA regional meetings this year.

Forthcoming meetings include: 

North West Regional Meeting - An evening of muscle disease 01/10/2015

Everything you need to know about equine muscle diseases in one evening. This course will take you through the most common muscle disorders, how to differentiate them, diagnose them accurately and treat them. We have a whole talk devoted to the emerging threat of Atypical Myopathy - how to recognise and treat it, and what preventative advice we can offer. It promises to be a fantastic evening of CPD for anyone involved in equine practice.

North East Regional Meeting - A modern approach to dentistry05/10/2015

There have been significant developments in equine therapeutic and treatment approaches to equine dentistry in the last 10 years. This meeting aims to bring mixed and first opinion equine practitioners up-to-date with the advances.

 East Anglia Regional Meeting - demystifying joint medications08/10/2015

Numerous medications are available for treating joint disease - but how do you match the right approach to the right case? What are the downsides and are there some horses for which joint medication is not going to be appropriate. In this session, treatment of performance and pleasure horses will be discussed and a lively interactive panel discussion will ensure you have the chance to ask questions, challenge opinions and explore the pros and cons of joint medications with an extremely experienced group of speakers.

Home Counties Regional Meeting: What goes in, must come out - The Alimentary Tract 11/11/2015

This meeting will look to inform and debate on some issues associated with the alimentary tract. General equine practitioners find themselves advising regularly on the topics of this meeting. The speakers will give their views on possible controversial issues such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Horses, Nutritional Supplements and Nutraceuticals, Detecting and Curing Dental Pain and Standing Abdominal Surgery, hoping to stimulate discussion and a better knowledge. Attendants should return to their practices with clear advice for their clients on day-to-day issues where there may be a lack of fully investigated scientific evidence

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