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"My 12 year old cat was run over & the vet suggested she was a good candidate for Sonivet. She had external pins in her leg and couldn’t walk on it. She appeared to enjoy the therapy and was persuaded to stay still. I believe the therapy was instrumental in her now complete recovery"
CP, Leicestershire (referral case)
"My dog had tendonitis quite badly, however with the help of the Sonivet machine made a remarkable recovery. He no longer needs surgery and has returned to normal exercise. We cannot recommend it more highly"
SC, Oxfordshire (referral case)
"I used the Sonivet machine on my retired greyhound, Monty, who has an old injury from his racing days that flares up from time to time. The machine was easy to use and he hasn’t been lame for some time. He loved his 20 minutes therapy; he was so relaxed he used to fall asleep"
JP, Tyne and Wear
"The case was a cat with cumminuted fracture to distal third of humerus, following presumed RTA. The cat was moderately aged with reduced healing ability. The cat tolerated the therapy well; the client reported the LIPUS machine easy to use and I was pleased with the rapid and uneventful healing of the fracture"
TC, VetMB, CertSAS, MRCVS, West Yorkshire (referral case)


Sonivet is a type of LIPUS therapy that accelerates the healing of recent fractures, delayed fractures ligaments and tendons. It promotes a faster return to activity and can help reduce re-injury.

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What is Sonivet?

  • Sonivet generates a type of Low intensity Pulsed Ultrasound signals (LIPUS)
  • LIPUS signals are used to treat human fractures and soft tissue injuries

Why should I use Sonivet?

  • accelerates fresh facture repair
  • heals delayed healing and non union fractures
  • accelerates healing of ligaments and tendons
  • reduces likelihood of re-injury
  • At home treatment
  • Applied once a day for 20 minutes
  • Average treatment 30 days
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Well tolerated
  • Non-invasive
  • Pain and drug-free

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