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"My horse was lame due to collateral and oblique sesamoid ligament problems. I used the Sonivet initially for 4 weeks and then another 4 as it improved. My horse was happy to stand for 20 minutes while I did the therapy, as there is no noise and she was relaxed. The lameness improved to the stage where I started to ride her again."
KJ, Tyne and Wear
"I have used SONIVET on a previous SDFT tear case where the tendon had received a significant injury resulting in a large degree of structural disruption, the horse responded well and returned to work in 3 months rather than the predicted 6."
RF, Buckinghamshire
"I have been impressed with the effects of Sonivet on my 2 year old after the removal of a bone cyst. The results were noticeable after 1 week and the method to apply the sonivet is so simple to use. The service provided by Curar is second to none. High recommended."
SG, North Yorkshire. Physio.


Sonivet is a type of LIPUS therapy that accelerates the healing of recent fractures, delayed fractures ligaments and tendons. It promotes a faster return to activity and can help reduce re-injury.

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What is Sonivet?

  • Sonivet generates a type of Low intensity Pulsed Ultrasound signals (LIPUS)
  • LIPUS signals are used to treat human fractures and soft tissue injuries

Why should I use it?

  • accelerates fresh facture repair
  • heals delayed healing and non union fractures
  • accelerates healing of ligaments and tendons
  • reduces likelihood of re-injury
  • At home treatment
  • Applied once a day for 20 minutes
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Low stress for the horse as used on site, in the stable or yard
  • Non-invasive
  • Pain and drug-free

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